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European Hornet - Information, removal and extermination
Posted on Tuesday 7/13Origins of the European Hornet - a Menace to our Natural LandscapesThe European hornet is a non-native U.S. pest that has a home range extending throughout Europe. This wasp species was first discovered in the northeastern U.S. around 1854. The European hornet can now be found ranging throughout the eastern U.S. and [...]
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11 Gardening Tips From Pests in your garden. Visit TN
Every gardener’s heartbreak is the inevitable discovery that all your hard work has essentially turned your lovely garden into an all-you-can-eat buffet for local pests to sabotage your garden plants.Whether you’re beset by creatures that fly, dig, crawl, hop, or slither, there are lots of ways to close the 24-hour diner down and protect your [...]
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