NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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20 Best ​Perennials flowers available at TN Nursery
Perennials can make a great addition to any gardenIf you're looking to put together a magnificent residential landscape for your property, be sure to choose some lovely perennial plants that will provide some striking color for years to come. By organizing your garden into sections and making use of plentiful sunshine, your plants should thrive. [...]
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5 Flower Garden that are easy to create. Visit our Website
Creating that Eye-Catching GardenA flower garden can transform the yard from an open expanse of grass to colorful wonderland homeowners can enjoy year after year. Putting in a bit of work at the start of the season pays off when breathtaking blossoms start to unfurl.Planting a flower garden isn’t difficult when following the proper steps. [...]
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Perennials Plants that persist for many growing seasons
Thursday, September 29Perennial plants are some of the most common plants in today’s garden world. Perennial plants are plants that grow during the warmer seasons but die in the winter except for the seeds. These perennials are beautiful things. These plants can be placed during one year and will grow great for many years to come. That [...]
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