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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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English ivy plants are evergreen perennials.
Wednesday, September 21English Ivy plant is also known scientifically as Hedera helix and is a native of Europe and western Asia. This plant can be grown indoors as well as outdoors in the garden. The plant produces tiny greenish-yellow flowers that are rich in nectar and attract many insects and bees.English Ivy grows well in [...]
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Successful Ways To Grow Vines - Best Methods To Grow Vines
Planting vines successfully  Vine plants make a beautiful backdrop for your landscape. When choosing a vine to plant, decide where it will grow and the support you can give it.You also need to consider what type of trouble it can get into and plant accordingly! Whichever type of vine you choose, ensure that as the plant [...]
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Best Website Order Garden Plants- TN Nursery
Many people have a wish of gardening in the front garden of their house which will be wastage of space otherwise, but they can’t do it because they don’t have much time for it. Of course, gardening requires you to know a little about plants and spend some time in searching for the right ones to [...]
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10 Vines Will Stop Soil Erosion. Visit TN Nursery
Control of soil erosion is the method of preventing the loss of soil. It stops water pollution, loss of wildlife habitat, and damage to human property. Controlling erosion occurs in a variety of areas, including natural places, farming, and urban settings. Vines as ground covers are very successful in preventing erosion.You can develop a rocky [...]
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10 Beautiful Garden Fences for you backyard. Visit TN Nur
When it comes to fencing, the options you have are numerous, and you may get overwhelmed.Figure out the look you want and what your budget is for this project. Consider what you are planning for your garden fence.The stockade-style fence is a fence with a bluish tint and has a diamond-tipped design at the top. [...]
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10 Amazing Vines and Groundcovers for your Garden. Visit TN
Using vines to create a unique garden and decorate other areas on the lawn is a great way to bring color and wildlife to the area. A wide variety of vines are tremendous and will have gorgeous blooms, and will be very easy to care for. Vines are a great way to add a significant plant [...]
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