NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Bare Root Dormant Plants
Bare Root Plants that are dormant are the ones that are not actively growing and are in a dormant state. They are dug out of the ground to put into dormancy, and when they have planted again, they adapt to the new soil conditions quickly without going into a shock. There are many plants, fruit trees, and shrubs that [...]
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TN Nursery Cheapest prices for quality plants. Visit TN
TN nursery does offer the best and cheapest prices on all plants than any other site. The garden plants go as low as 44 cents each, and this is the Fleabane daisy that I am pricing here. They go from as low as 44 cents to as high as 1.39 in the flower section. The prices [...]
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How to plant Bare Root Roses. Visit TN Nursery
Roses are a beautiful and wondrous flower that many gardeners and homeowners at least plant one of in their garden or landscape area. They come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes to suit any need or desire you may have.You can find super small shrub-like forms ranging in size. Some can be as large as a [...]
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Bonsai Plants And Soil Additives - A mixed formulation.
Taking care of Bonsai plants can be very hard to do, especially if the gardener does not know these beautiful trees and plants. When considering growing a Bonsai, research to find out exactly what type of care and maintenance it will need. Some foreign soil is made and created only for Bonsai plants and will [...]
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10 Guides on how to start Balcony Gardening. Available at TN
Gardening on a balcony is a necessity for some, especially if you live in a more urban environment like a city or downtown area. Some people with this kind of environment might believe that gardening is lost to them. However, this is far from the truth!You will have to use container gardening that can be [...]
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Growing Cacti Indoors - Planting guide and caring tips
When considering plants that will thrive and do good indoors, the cacti is a wonderful one. These are very versatile and will thrive inside with very little water needed to make them grow. Cacti are hardy, sturdy, and do great inside. Cacti plants are tremendous and can live for years if they are taken care of. These [...]
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