NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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10 tips for Seasonal Composting. Visit TN Nursery
Composting is almost a necessary step for organic gardening. It can aid in fertilizing and mulching your garden.If it is new to your use of a compost bin or barrel, it helps to be well informed on some of the seasonal details that will aid you in knowing about composting. Most gardeners who are new to [...]
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Basil: A Wonder Herb and its myriad of benefits. Visit us
Herb gardens work in any landscape. No doubt that basil is a happy inhabitant of your garden. It is a favorite herb to grow to make the flavor and color stand out. Many Italian recipes call for the addition of this herb!It is first recorded in writing in the early seventeenth century, and the Hindu [...]
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Bonsai Plants And Soil Additives - A mixed formulation.
Taking care of Bonsai plants can be very hard to do, especially if the gardener does not know these beautiful trees and plants. When considering growing a Bonsai, research to find out exactly what type of care and maintenance it will need. Some foreign soil is made and created only for Bonsai plants and will [...]
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