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10 Tennessee Native Plants for your greenhouse or garden
Tennessee's Native Plants Selection Native plants are generally defined as plants present in North America before the arrival of European colonists. Non-native plants are also called exotic plants, and most of them come from Asia or Western Europe. Exotic plants can be but are not always invasive. The term "invasive" describes an exotic plant that has [...]
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The Best Shrubs For Borders available at TN Nursery.
Shrubs Make Excellent Border PlantsThe beauty and utility of a home are not confined inside four walls but include the house's landscape. The options are limitless when it comes to plants and design. One option that offers a great deal of versatility and beauty is shrubs. Their use should not be limited to a singular [...]
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Best Online Plant Nurseries in Tennessee.
Make shopping for plants easy and affordable by shopping our nursery online.
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A guide to Herbal Remedies. Visit TN Nursery
Herbal Remedies and Hot ToddiesBeyond the usual hops and barley of beer, the juniper berries in gin, and the celery which serves as a garnish in a Bloody Mary, the casual imbiber has little to no knowledge of the variety of other drink ingredients which come from nature. One such classification I'd like to discuss [...]
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10 Popular Bushes and Shrubs for your garden. Visit us today
Bushes, also often described interchangeably as shrubs, are small to medium-sized plants characterized by having woody stems located above the ground. With multiple stems and shorter heights than trees, bushes are commonly differentiated from shrubs by their natural presence in the wild (shrubs are often cultivated and shaped in gardens) and foliage often nearly touching [...]
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