NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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10 Effective Rose Trimming Techniques. Visit TN Nursery
When And How To Trim Your RosesWho does not love Roses? It is safe to say that majority of gardeners like them because they are one of the most delicate plants. Their beauty and elegance are unmatched, which is why they have been mentioned in stories, prose, and poetry throughout history. Roses have been cultivated [...]
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7 Low Maintenance Roses that you can grow in your own yard.
When one hears roses, they think complicated, and most of the time, failed attempts at producing beautiful blooms. However, thanks to many cultivars, many kinds that need little maintenance will thrive with less care than traditional varieties. Be mindful that this does not mean to leave it alone, and it does well. It simply means that not [...]
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Are You Thinking Roses? Roses Are A Great Option. Visit TN
Roses are possibly the most exquisite and loved flowers, and People love to plant them in their home gardens for their beauty and pleasing fragrance. They are very diverse flowers and have been cultivated for many centuries. People have been growing them commercially as well for various reasons.Roses are woody perennial plants that have many [...]
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