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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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10 Tennessee Native Plants for your greenhouse or garden
Tennessee's Native Plants Selection Native plants are generally defined as plants present in North America before the arrival of European colonists. Non-native plants are also called exotic plants, and most of them come from Asia or Western Europe. Exotic plants can be but are not always invasive. The term "invasive" describes an exotic plant that has [...]
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Break out the Shovel for Spring Planting
Break out the Shovel for Spring PlantingWith spring around the corner, it is time to consider outdoor upgrades and renovations. Perhaps it is also time to begin landscaping and planting new shrubs or trees. If a new tree is in your lawn's future, there is no better time to start digging than early spring. This time [...]
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Facts about Swamp Willow Trees and shrubs
All About the Swamp WillowThe Swamp WillowThe Swamp Willow tree is a medium-sized tree that grows in North America. The Swamp Willow is the largest of its kind. It can grow 10-30 meters tall, with the highest being 45 meters tall when it is fully mature. The measurement of the trunk can grow to about [...]
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​Beautify Your Landscape using a Privacy Hedge
Beautiful privacy hedges add beauty to your homeAdding a privacy hedge as part of your home's landscape is sure to bring pleasure to you and your family. It likely also will be the envy of your neighbors. If hedge plantings are selected with care and tended with love, the benefits they give in return are [...]
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