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CattailsBesides the lily pad or pond lily, perhaps the most common and easily recognizable water plant is the cattail. Almost any kindergarten student can recognize the cattail, for practically any illustrated children’s book set by the water has pictures of cattails growing out of the lake, stream, or pond. The cattail is known for its [...]
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Water lilies are are the perfect finishing touches plants
Monday, April 4The weather is warmer, the birds are chirping, and everything seems to be in full bloom. As the warm weather approaches, it brings ball games, swimming pool days, playing in the park, and various other outdoor activities- that's what spring is about!Springtime also brings about the fever to plant and play in the [...]
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Cattails are upright perennial plants grow in hot season
Who doesn’t like being out on the lake or pond on a warm, crisp day, pulling up to the sandy beach to drop an anchor? When we drop to hear the engines stop and the anchor hits bottom, we know it’s time for two things—playing in the warm water or bait the hooks.Part of what [...]
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