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Goldenseal, a perennial, grows primarily in forest areas. You can find it in regions of the Eastern United States and Southeastern Canada. Being of the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae), its flowers have no petals. Surrounding the pistil are many stamens, which look like a white flowers.

These plants develop two large hairy leaves with 5 to 7 lobes. From these leaves rises the flowering stem in the spring. The hairy purplish stem above ground is yellow below ground.

Mid- to late-summer, a fruit resembling a small raspberry develops. Each berry only contains one or two shiny black seeds. These are considered inedible, although wildlife may feel differently.

Goldenseal Plants offered at Tn Mail Order Nursery.

The underground rhizome is a thick yellow-knotted rootstock. Being yellow with a golden sap provides a clue of where Goldenseal got its name. The rhizome also produces a natural, yellow dye.

Dividing the rhizomes and transplanting them is one way to reproduce Goldenseal Plants.

Goldenseal Plants are Slow Growers

Goldenseal Plants can remain at stage one up to two years. Where the seed germinates, and its first leaves appear. During years two and three, the second state occurs. It develops a single leaf and no natural stem. In the third stage, the leaves and stems develop. Years four and five are when the plant starts to flower, and the fruit grows.

American Indians relied on Goldenseal for their Medicines.

“This is one of the most wonderful remedies in the entire herb kingdom. When one considers all that can be accomplished by its use and what it actually will do, it does seem like a real cure-all.” per Jethro Kloss.

Used for almost all stomach and liver ails as well as acute inflammations. Goldenseal was used as a substitute for quinine by 19th century Americans. People used it to treat colds, flu, diphtheria, and other common diseases.

Goldenseal tea used as a wash for sores and skin diseases aided in their healing. It was a popular eyewash for sore eyes. Goldenseal was used to kill and neutralize many poisons.

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