Leland Cypress is a successful hybrid fence

Leland Cypress is a successful hybrid fence

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02, 2016


Nowadays, with so many people living in housing developments and neighborhoods where space is at a premium, the private backyard is, for many people, only a pipe dream.

The backyard hot tub, sauna, or swimming pool is easily within the financial reach of many. Still, once the pool or tub is installed, the owners would be subjected to the stares of their neighbors simply because there is often no delineation between one backyard and the next.

Many times, a privacy fence of wooden slats is the answer, but these fences are often expensive to install, and maintenance must be done to keep the fence in good repair.

In the Leland cypress, nature has provided a worry-free alternative to the privacy fence that, once installed, will never have any associated maintenance costs.

The Leland cypress is an evergreen shrub that can reach nearly the height of a small tree in even less than perfect growing conditions. The shrub is fast-growing, at times growing as fast as a foot per year. It has thick, dense foliage that provides the perfect privacy screen, naturally and without ever worrying about replacing rotting boards or painting. Not only will the Leland cypress provide a privacy screen, but due to the very nature of the plant, it is very good at blocking unwanted sounds from your backyard retreat while keeping your conversations private.

Why invest time and money into a backyard that you can’t enjoy to its fullest without having the spying eyes of others watching? Why invest time and money into a privacy fence that will cost even more in maintenance and upkeep? Nature has designed the perfect privacy fence in the Leland cypress, which can be found in the best plant nurseries and horticulture supply houses.