10 Planting Tips For a Gorgeous Spring Garden

10 Planting Tips For a Gorgeous Spring Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons https://www.tnnursery.net on Apr 22, 2022

The time we all look forward to is finally here! Spring has arrived, bringing warmer, longer days and better moods. This time of year, our dull yards become brighter and full of life.

Spring Garden Tips For Gorgeous Blooms

The birds chirping and butterflies moving discreetly create a serenity of peace. Give the birds and butterflies something to enjoy this year by planting a Spring Flower garden! Planting a flower garden will bring your property to life and be your yard's focal point. Designing a flower bed can be very intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! Below we will discuss ten tips to ensure you will have a stunning flower garden.

How To Have the Perfect Flower Garden

1. Choose a location wisely

When deciding where to put a flower garden, consider how much sun your garden will receive and the accessibility that your flower bed will have. Determining the amount of sun affects how well your flowers will thrive, and the garden needs to be very accessible, allowing you to move around freely to get in there and pull weeds. These two considerations are essential.

2. Pull weeds

Once you have found the perfect spot for your flower garden, go through the soil, pull any visible weeds, and eliminate debris such as sticks and trash. Also, rake any leaves up and take them away. Doing this will give you the perfect clean slate to begin planting.

3. Plant Perennials

At TN Nursery, you will find many spring plants and flowers for sale, including many beautiful perennials that will be the perfect addition to your spring flower garden. Planting Perennials not only adds exquisite beauty to your landscape, but these plants come back year after year, so there is no need for replanting yearly. This saves you work in the long run.

4. Add flowers of different blooming seasons

Along with planting perennials, adding different flowers that will bloom at other times is excellent. This will allow your garden to be full of life all season.

5. Give your flower garden a theme

Giving your flower garden a theme will provide unity and diversity throughout your flowers. Consider adding flowers of the same color scheme.

6. Choose a focal point

When designing your flower bed, consider adding a stunning focal point such as a flowering shrub in the middle of your flowers or other plants that will add height to your garden.

7. Prune any surrounding landscaping

Now that you have established your garden look at the surrounding area to determine if any pruning and trimming are needed.

8. Fertilize your plants

Fertilizing your flowers will give them the boost of nutrients they need to give them a jump start and the best chance of survival.

9. Avoid Clutter

It can be very tempting to add many flowers close together to make your area look full but try to avoid this. Keep in mind when planting flowers, you need to give them room to spread out and grow.

10. Try to remain patient

Although it would be pleasant to be able to plant a beautiful flower garden and wake up the next day to a garden full of blooms, that is not the case. Beauty takes time, so be patient, and in no time, you will have a garden that exceeds your expectations. 

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