Bladder Fern

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The Bladder Fern

The Bladder Fern, also known as the Mountain Bladder Fern, is found in the mountainous areas in the very upper parts of the Northern Hemisphere such as Canada and Alaska but have also been discovered in parts of Colorado and Utah. Their springy green fronds (or leaves) serve as an ultimate sign of a healthy tropical environment as in harsh environments, their growth is often stunted, and they look small. Their triangular blades can reach anywhere from six to fourteen centimeters long whereas, their typically black petioles (or stalks) can reach anywhere up to thirty centimeters long.Mature Bladder Ferns reach approximately 1 to 3 ft. in height, and 2 to 3 in width. They work well in rock gardens not only for their thick, lush look but also because of their hardiness and ability to thrive in rough soil. They prefer full to part shade, so if you’ve been looking for the perfect plant to dress up darker areas in your garden, the Bladder Fern is perfect. Especially in areas where you may have trees planted since they can be found in dense woods in the wilds. They have a creeping rootstalk and require moist, well-drained soil. Reproduction is by spore, and if you live in cold country, you can still enjoy this fern since they are resistant to lower temperatures. There are no blooms on the Bladder Fern but according to Slavic folklore, anyone lucky enough to find a “fern flower” is certain to be rich and happy for the rest of their lives. Suitable for either indoor or outdoor planting, these thick, beautiful ferns are worth having whether they bloom or not. The lush greenness of these gorgeous ferns is hard to beat regarding simply looking good no matter where you keep them.

Scientific name: Cystopteris Montana

USDA Hardiness Zone: Anywhere from five degrees to minus forty degrees Fahrenheit

Height: anywhere from twelve to thirty-six inches

Spread: nine to twelve inches

Bloom: None

Grown for foliage: Yes

Sun: Spotted sun or light shade

Soil Type: Best if grown in either moderately moistened soil or a rocky environment

The Mountain Bladder Fern does best in moist mountain habitats in forests and near water bodies such as a river or a pond.

An advantage to growing Mountain Bladder Ferns in a garden is that, like most other species of ferns, they do not usually require additional fertilizer. They are easygoing plants that require a moderate amount of watering and deciduous ones do best if their yellowed leaves are regularly trimmed off.

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