Black Gum Foliage - Package Of 2 Leaves

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Black Gum Foliage

The black gum tree is a slow to medium growing tree that is especially known for the glory of the color of its leaves in the late summer and through the fall. The oval, shiny oval leaves start out as shiny dark green, then turn to yellow gold, citrus orange, cranberry red, and amethyst purple. While some leaves stop at the yellow phase of color change, the black gum tree produces multicolored leaves in a rainbow of colors each year. If you are looking for impressive fall color, look to the black gum tree. Scope out the location of any neighboring black gum trees before autumn and keep an eye on them as the summer comes to a close. If you see a tree that attracts birds and butterflies due to its black fruit, you may have a black gum tree. It is worthwhile searching for, however, because its fall colors just can’t be topped. The leaves of the black gum tree are a shiny medium green during the main part of the growing season. They are about two to five inches long and between one to three inches wide, as well as being oval. The base of the leaves is either wedge shaped or rounded. The edges of the black gum tree’s leaves are relatively smooth, though they can sometimes display a few coarse teeth. The top of the leaves is shiny and dark green. The underside of the leaves is a paler green with silky hairs. The color of the leaves constantly changes from dark green to yellow, then to the showier colors of orange, red and burgundy. The leaves of the black gum tree are easily collected and dried. Add a few of the dried black gum’s leaves to a scrapbook or use them as a part of a picture craft art project to preserve the lovely leaves for future enjoyment.