Black Flowers In Landscaping

Black Flowers In Landscaping

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 03 , 2016

Friday, March 4

Black Flowers?

Why would anyone choose to plant a black flower? To most people, it just doesn't make sense. Flowers are supposed to be bright and cheerful, symbolizing life. Wouldn't black flowers do just the opposite? Not really. Black flowers, which were extremely popular in Art Nouveau design, have come back into prominence lately. Some brides are even walking down the aisles proudly showing off their black calla lily bouquets.

Darkest Color Available

Most black flowers aren't truly black. In most cases, "black" means the darkest color available. Black tulips are truly dark purple as black roses are very dark red. However, the black bat flower is by all accounts a genuinely black flower. The black bat can grow up to a foot across and have "whiskers" almost two feet long. If you're not quite ready for a true black flower arrangement yet, consider mixing your favorite white flowers with small branches of nicely contrasting black fruits such as Nannyberry from our tree nursery for a nice middle ground.

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