Black Alder

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Black Alder - Alnus Glutinosa

Black Alder tree can be very versatile. While it prefers and thrives in wet, humid soil, it can also grow in a place with poor soil conditions. The Alder is an average size as it doesn’t surpass a maximum height of 100 feet. Younger trees display a bright light green color, while older more significant trees have a deep dark brown hue. The smaller trees grow in a continuous upright position. Older mature trees grow in sporadic patterns with twisted branches. The tiny wedge-shaped leaves have a shiny bright green color with a sticky resinous gum underneath the smooth sheet. Mature trees produce small cone-shaped fruits which are consumed by wildlife such as deer and rabbits.
Black Alder trees are very spectacular when grown. This tree will also prefer moist soil conditions so that it will do great planted around lakes and ponds.
Does The Plant Bear Fruit? The Black Alder tree has beautiful green leaves that bear seed-like fruit. The fruit on the tree is egg-shaped cones. The fruit reaches full maturity in October. The edges of the sheets are shiny with a serrated margin. The plant produces a flower called catkin. Do They Multiply? The tree does multiply through the seeds it produces. The plant can live in extremely hot or cold temperatures. However, in the wild, they are seen near water. How Does the Black Alder Tree Look? The Black Alder tree has a grand stature. The tree is 50' tall and approximately 4'' tall. The leaves and branches have a pyramid shape. The tree trunk is slim and grayish once it reaches maturity. The tree is long, smooth and grand. The butterflies, birds and deer feed on its fruit. The roots add nutrients to the soil. The tree is great for the animals and the earth. Should They be Used in Landscape? Yes, they can be used in landscaping. However, plant them in a large enough space. The plant does grow upward and outward rather quickly. Black Alder trees in the open landscape, can measure 60 feet tall by 25 feet wide.


black alder    black alder

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