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 Best Temperature For Indoor Plants?

Best Temperature For Indoor Plants?

Posted by Tammy Sons on Sep 14 , 2014

When it comes to having beautiful indoor house plants, the temperature is one of the principal things to watch out. 

Keeping the temperatures for houseplants perfect will produce beautiful plants that will add life to all rooms of the home. 

The ideal temperature for most house plants and indoor plants is around 65 to 75 degrees. The plants will begin to dry out quickly and will start to wilt and look bad. At night, the temperatures in the home will typically be around 60 to 65 which will be fine because if they were outdoors, the temperatures would also be cooler at night. Finding the perfect room in the home where plants will have an ideal temperature will be the key to having beautiful plants. Once a place is located for the plant to thrive try to keep the temperatures at the same level so they will grow to become healthy and beautiful. Indoor plants do not like having different temperatures every day and will not do well. Also, sometimes having plants in direct sunlight from a window can create a hotter temperature than they will need. Find the perfect spot where they will receive some natural lighting, and the temperatures will remain the same. Also, it is a great idea to control the humidity inside of a home when growing indoor plants. Purchasing a humidifier is one way to do this. Check the instructions on all plants that you are considering having indoors to see what type of temperatures and lighting that they will require growing great. Having consistency in temperatures inside of a home is the perfect way to create and grow beautiful and gorgeous indoor plants. Also, remember to water the plants regularly so that they will not become too dry and begin to die. It is great to pick the plants that will thrive and do great as indoor plants when choosing plants for the inside of the home. When planting instructions are followed carefully for indoor plants, they will do great so go ahead and decorate that home with gorgeous greenhouse plants.

Source of Information on Proper Temperature for Indoor Plants