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NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Best Flowers To Plant in Summer

Although most people plant flowers during the spring, sometimes the need arises during the summer to add some color and interest to the outdoor environment.

Many homeowners and businesses routinely add flowering plants to their landscapes during the summer months to punctuation to their existing plantings.

Naturally, the types of flowers to plant will largely depend on the length of the area's growing season in question. For instance, it makes little sense to plant extremely frost-sensitive flowers in July in locations where freezing temperatures can come as early as September. Unless the homeowner lives in a part of the country that enjoys mild temperatures on a year-round basis, it is not advisable to plant seeds during the summer and expect them to mature before the end of the growing season.

Those who need summer flowers should visit their local home and garden center and purchase annual bedding plants. One of the best flowers to plant during summer is the marigold. Because these flowers last well into the autumn and even longer in regions with mild winters, homeowners get significant value from them. Marigolds also self-seed easily. Other excellent flowering plants for summer and fall colors include dahlias and asters. These are healthy plants with vibrantly colored blooms that will come back year after year if planted in the correct location. Coneflowers are an excellent perennial choice as well.

Those who are merely looking for fresh color as high summer approaches and perennials begin to fade should consider filling hanging baskets and pots with bright, colorful annuals. Rockrose falling from a basket hanging on a sunlit porch makes an attractive picture, and combinations of lobelia, fuchsia, and impatiens are excellent choices for shady locations. Gardeners trying to fill a sizeable sunny spot with long-lasting, vivid color should consider planting cosmos edged with nasturtiums for a stunning display of color that will last until the first heavy frost. Cosmos and nasturtiums are also heavy self-seeders that will come back in the same spot year after year.

Although you can plant many perennial flowering plants during the summer, most won't provide much bloom until the year after they are planted. Annuals are the best choice for those wanting a showy floral display, and there are numerous annuals of all colors and sizes to choose from.

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