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 Best-Selling Plants For Sale at TN Nursery 

Enhancing the appearance of house, garden, and landscape does wonders for a property at a reasonable cost. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery offers a wide variety of flora that not only improve the looks of a yard and home but also increase biodiversity and environmental sustainability.


Best Selling Plants are beautiful and Colorful Garden Additions

There are many beautiful and colorful plants available, but a few have caught the eye of other patrons and made a good impression. You can find the full list of best-sellers at https://www.tnnursery.net/best-selling-plants-for-sale/.

 The Pink Hibiscus is a beautiful plant that attracts many bright pink flowers and grateful stems and leaves. It is a hardy plant that can survive nearly any weather outdoors, and it fills space quickly. It is the perfect barrier, border, or hedge. The Rose of Sharon is a particularly popular Pink Hibiscus plant that is available. It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds as well as gardeners and nature lovers. The Rose of Sharon has an extended period of bloom from late fall to early spring; it will give a beautiful color to your yard for long.

 The Sugar Maple tree is another best-seller that can be found on https://www.tnnursery.net/best-selling-plants-for-sale/. It is prized for the leaves' beautiful colors in the fall and the blooms in the spring. It is truly the traditional fall tree; before the leaves fall, they turn a vibrant orange that can brighten any lawn or yard for several weeks. It is beautiful, but it also has a graceful, oval-shaped canopy that produces shade in the summer months. In the fall, the Sugar Maple tree produces a sap that can be collected by particularly interested owners and boiled down into maple syrup.

 The Blackberry plant is also a best-seller, and it isn't hard to see why. There is the obvious, of course: a blackberry plant is a perfect asset to have, it can provide delicious fruit and fun to the whole family. More than that, they are a very hardy plant that can survive well in most types of soil, even when the environment doesn't support other plants. They are beautiful plants that are as useful as they are attractive. They grow best on hillsides; the more water they receive, the bigger and juicier the berries are. It is the best plant to grow in a wet area. Although the plant has thorns, they are attractive and can fill a space quickly.

 The Boston Fern is a plant that makes a statement. It can grow up to three feet wide and tall and build a great indoor or outdoor plant. It has long, graceful stems that sprout leaves that grow from a central point in the plant's middle. If you pick to buy this plant, you won't be alone. This plant has been fashionable decor since Victorian times. It can even transform into an ariel plant. Although this plant is relatively picky when it comes to watering, it is easy to get a feel for when the Boston Fern needs water after a couple of weeks. It is a beautiful plant that is sure to make a statement, and it is the perfect addition to any decor, inside or out.

 Any of these highly rated and best-selling plants would make a great addition to your home or yard. What you need is right here for a bright burst of color, a statement piece, or a working plant.



 Few people want to know about the soil when they buy a property other than to confirm it is not contaminated. Yet the class and quality of earth largely determine what will grow there. As a consequence, those shopping for particular trees to plant often look for species that adapt to many soil varieties. The Autumn Blaze Maple, for example, grows quickly and brilliantly in many different terrains. The Loblolly Pine is dominant in the southern United States but actually will thrive wherever soils have sufficient moisture, acidity, and drainage. Homeowners who like to watch wildlife will understand why the Loblolly is among the best selling plants in that it serves as a food source and cover for all manner of bird and squirrel. 





 Shrubs are the best selling plants due to their many advantages. For one thing, they are agents of energy conservation, affording the house shade in the hot months of summer and buffering the frigid winds of winter. They also catch dust, pollution, and resist soil erosion from wind and water. Shrubs like Witch Hazel and Hydrangea beautify a yard and require little maintenance. Those like Regal Privet Hedges and Maple Leaf Viburnum convey both beauty and privacy.


Evergreen Conifers



 Holding onto their foliage throughout the year, evergreen conifers trees stand guard against the assault of wind--in addition to the dust and debris it carries--to not only protect the structure from the chill but also to retain moisture in the soil. They also host wildlife and are excellent shields against prying eyes. They come in all sizes and shapes from the abundant, full-bodied Ponderosa Pine to less imposing privet hedges.


Tree Seedlings



 Planting tree seedlings is best done according to the United States Department of Agriculture's Hardiness Zone Map. These zones are based on temperature and weather tolerances for all kinds of vegetation. Zone 6a, for instance, can plummet to--sometimes--10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Tulip Poplar or Sugar Maple seedlings might be an excellent choice to plant in this geographic area. 


Berry Plants



 The antioxidant and health benefits of berries are well-documented. In addition to enjoying the taste and nutrients of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and the like, planters are now learning that the leaves of these best-selling plants have great medicinal potential as well.


Garden Moss



 Many varieties of moss can appear as lush and green as a well-preserved lawn. While doing so, mosses inhibit erosion, filter metals from water, and, consequently, preserve clean water for later use.


 Tennessee Wholesale Nursery also offers specialty plants, ground covers, ferns and flora attracting birds and other wildlife. These all add aesthetic value to a property and enjoyment to its residents.

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