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Best Selling Plants

Best Selling Plants

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 12 , 2019

Best Selling Plants

At Tn Nursery we got you covered ! We have created some great new categories for those needing relief and help from mosquitoes, to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to those beautiful bloomers.

Plant in these categories are our best selling plants. From mosquito repellent plants to Christmas trees, our nursery has got your covered for all these great plants. Enjoy Landscaping with Blooming Plants

When you design your landscape, you're probably thinking in terms of hedges, fern plantsground cover, and trees. What about adding blooming plants? They can add to your garden in many ways.

Add Color and Fragrance

The wide variety of colors available means that you can create the kind of garden you dream of. Use color to lay out an elegant, sophisticated design that's made up of all-white flowers or flowers in varying shades of blue. You can also go the other way and be colorful. Use a mix of colors to create an informal, cottage-style garden.

Flowers add a lovely fragrance to your garden. Plant flowers that bloom in the morning, like morning glories, and those that thrive in the evening like moon-flowers. You'll always have fragrance and color.

Attract Butterflies and Birds

Bright, colorful flowers draw to butterflies, hummingbirds, and songbirds. Adding feeders and birdbaths ensures that they'll keep coming back. Flowers help you add song and color.

Keep Your Bees Happy With Perennials

Bees in your garden are a sign of blooming flowers. Keep your bees happy as they pollinate your flowers. Bees and birds help spread your flower seeds.

Always Have Cut Flowers

If you love flower arrangements, you can have one whenever you like just by going into your garden. When you cut flowers, it encourages them to make more flowers. That's a definite win-win. You can go out and get your lovely bouquet every day. Native grasses also work well with flowers.

Preserve Wildflowers

Wildflowers are essential to the ecosystem. They're also an excellent way to add a low-maintenance splash of color to your garden. Look for wildflowers that are native to your zone. Your wildflower patch is a gift to nature and yourself.

Order Your Blooming Plants Here

Our beautiful, blooming plants are shipped to you like strong, healthy bare roots. They arrive in protective packaging. They're ready to thrive in your garden. Native grasses are a best selling selection. Moss is also is an excellent shade thriving plant.






















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