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Best Sellers- Ground Cover Vines

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Best Selling Ground Covers

Ground covers not only provide natural beauty, but they also prevent erosion and control weeds. They can be used to replace grass and can be planted in areas where grass won't grow.

English Ivy Plants (Hedera helix)
English ivy plants are easy to grow with vines that may reach 50 feet or more. They take off slowly the first year, but noticeable growth occurs by the second year. Use in shady, moist areas. Reinvigorate growth each spring by shearing off the tops of the plants. English ivy plants seldom need fertilizer.

Spreading Phlox Plants (Phlox subulata)
A hardy ground cover, propagating phlox plants are low-maintenance perennials, adding bursts of spring color to your landscape. Preferring full sun, propagating phlox plants will create a lush carpet of colorful flowers on a bed of moss-like greenery, with individual plants growing up to two feet wide.

Periwinkle (Vinca minor)
Vinca minor, known commonly as periwinkle, is easily grown in full sun to partial shade. A low-maintenance ground cover, it has trailing stems with smooth, evergreen foliage and lavender-blue flowers that appear in spring and last well into fall. Vinca minor is sturdy and easy to naturalize.

Pachysandra (Pachysandra terminalis)
Pachysandra is a sturdy, low-maintenance ground cover that produces small white flowers in the spring. It is known for its thick, dark green leaves and its tolerance of challenging growing conditions. Plant this ground cover in partial to full shade, and it will thrive where many other plants would fail.

Partridgeberry Plants (Mitchella repens)
Partridgeberry plants make up a dainty, trailing ground cover with scarlet berries that attract birds. These plants prefer fertile, moist soil and shady locations. Their beautiful evergreen leaves and red fruit make them a must-have for the winter garden.