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Best Plants for Offices

Office space can be made more appealing and healthy by planting some amazing indoor plants. Most of the offices are generally centrally air conditioned without any proper air ventilation or windows. The closed atmosphere can sometimes become very stuffy and suffocating.

You can plant some amazing indoor plants to tackle this problem. Indoor plants can create a fresh and healthy environment at work. These plants have the ability to purify air and provide clean oxygen to breathe. As per NASA’s clean air study, it has been revealed that there are certain plants that can effectively cleanse toxic gases and pollutants in the air making it cleaner and safer for humans.

Some of the plants that you can grow indoors in your office are-

English Ivy:English Ivy can be a wonderful plant for your office as it grows well in bright light and is not very tolerant to direct sunlight. English Ivy loves moderate climate and can be pruned in different ornamental shapes. Burning Bush is also a favorite of fall. It's vibrant reds makes autumn burst with color.

Areca Palm: Areca Palm is one of the most commonly used houseplants. It has beautiful ornamental leaves and it gives a tropical touch to the surroundings. Areca Palm does well in partial sun or shaded areas and helps in purifying air. Their growth pattern is slow so they would not need a lot of attention however, they do need regular watering.

Bamboo Palm: Bamboo Palm is another wonderful tropical plant that can be grown indoors. This plant has the ability to cleanse toxins like xylene and toluene from the air. The leaves are dark green in color and the plant has slender cane like stems. This plant matches cane, wicker and wooden furniture and people love to grow it as an indoor plant. This plant can also be used for landscaping outdoors.

Rubber Plant: This plant does not demand a lot of attention and it can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. They have shiny big leaves which are oval in shape and look wonderful when placed indoors in pots. This plant thrives well in partially shaded areas.

Peace Lily: Peace Lily is a wonderful plant which can be found in many offices, hotels, airports etc. This plant can be grown in pots and it can tolerate in indirect sunlight. Peace Lily bears very elegant white colored flowers in the form of spathe which have a spadix enclosed within. They provide fresh air and require less watering.

Apart from these wonderful plants, you can also consider growing Boston fern, Spider Plant, Chrysanthemums, Gerbera Daisy and Snake Plant in the office. These plants would not just give you clean air to breathe but they will also make the office atmosphere more relaxing.

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