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Houseplants or indoor plants are quite often underestimated.

Most of us do not know that there are many indoor plants that help in filtering the air and keeping the atmosphere pure. Air circulation and purification are really crucial for healthy living.

Researchers have revealed that there are many indoor plants that can help in improving the air quality by getting rid of some harmful air pollutants.

Some of the plants absorb such toxic pollutants resulting in clean air and less humid atmosphere. So, if you want fresh and clean air to breathe, then it is advisable to grow such air filtering varieties in your house.

Areca Palm

- Areca Palm is also commonly known as Butterfly Palm, and it is a beautiful ornamental plant. It is very adaptable and can grow well indoors which is why it is frequently found in many households. As per NASA and other researchers, this plant is said to filter harmful pollutants like Toluene and Xylene from the air. It is also an effective humidifier as it controls the humidity in the air.

Peace Lily

- Peace lilies are popular houseplants that are not very demanding. They need little water and sunlight to survive. Peace lilies are perennial plants that produce beautiful white- yellowish colored flowers. They are known to purify the indoor air by getting rid of pollutants like Formaldehyde and Benzene.

Dracaena reflex

- It is also known as Pleomele or the Song of India. It is a common houseplant that has thick evergreen leaves. It also produces small white colored flowers that are arranged in a cluster. As per NASA’s clean air study, this plant is known to get rid of air pollutants like Trichloroethylene, Xylene, and Formaldehyde.

Weeping Fig

- Weeping Fig or the Ficus Tree is a popular topiary plant that is very adaptable and can tolerate poor growing conditions. It has elegant, dark green leaves that are waxy in appearance. As per NASA’s study, this plant is believed to purify the indoor air efficiently by getting rid of harmful pollutants.

Some other houseplants that have air filtering properties are Reed Palm, Boston Fern, Rubber Plant, English Ivy, Dwarf Date Palm and Chinese evergreen. These are wonderful plants that can easily be grown indoors for a fresh supply of air to breathe.

Source of Information on Houseplants for Air Filtration