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Best Flowering Trees For Your Yard

Designing a perfect landscape with all the elements, plants, and trees in harmony is often a tricky task to accomplish. However, with the right kind of plants and trees, you can achieve the desired effect.

Nothing can beat the beauty of flowering trees, and you can grow them to add color and texture to your yard.

Flowering trees come in many varieties that bloom in different seasons. Most of them are spring flowering. However, certain varieties bear beautiful flowers even in the summer and fall seasons. It is essential to plan the landscape efficiently and grow the right kind of trees for all-season interest. That will ensure that your garden remains lively and colorful throughout the year.

Some of the most beautiful flowering trees that you can consider growing in your garden are-

Flowering Dogwood: Dogwood comes in many varieties that bear white, pink, or red-colored flowers during the spring season. Red, White, and Pink Dogwood are the most popular ornamental varieties used extensively for landscaping. These trees are also known for their distinct and colorful fall foliage, adding an altogether different element to the landscape. It is an adaptable, fast-growing tree that can reach up to 25 feet of height upon maturity. You can plant them in full sun or even in partial shade.

Redbud: This is another beautiful flowering tree that bears tiny pink-colored flowers during the spring season. Redbud is very adaptable and can be grown in a variety of soils. This tree is stable and can tolerate heavy winds and storms. You can grow them in dry and windy areas of your garden.

Empress Tree: It is also known as the Princess tree, and it grows pretty fast. Gardeners love the tree for its lavender-colored flowers that have a pleasing scent. It is very hardy and can tolerate dry and drought conditions. You can grow them for shade or even for their sheer beauty. This tree is relatively easy to grow, and you can easily transplant it in your garden.

Kwanzan Cherry: Kwanzan Cherry is one of the most extensively used flowering trees. It produces dainty pink-colored flowers. The flowers are double, and the tree appears fuller and denser when in full bloom. It is also known for its beautiful reddish berries and orange fall foliage. That can be a fantastic addition to your landscape, and it is a tree that can provide interest in many seasons.

Apart from all these flowering trees, you can consider growing Mimosa, Bradford Pear, Cleveland Pear, Yoshino Cherry, Flowering Crabapple, and Weeping Cherry. All these are known for their brilliant colors.

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