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Black Raspberry
The Black Raspberry bush grows a small fruit known as the raspberry. This berry is dark purple or black. This berry is harvested during June. Before the berries grow, this bush grows small flowers. The flowers are very slender, and they are at least twice as long as the petals. The blackberries have less sugar than other fruits and are high in protein. The berries are used to prevent and treat colon and skin cancer. Many people grow this plant to harvest the raspberries. The leaves of the bush are a light green and berries grow at the end of the branches. Over ninety percent of this fruit that is grown is in the United States. Many people grow this bush in their yards, but they can also be found in the wild.

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Low Bush Blueberry

The Low Bush Blueberry is a deciduous shrub. It is not that tall but has a widespread. This bush has bluish green leaves in the summer and looks purples in the fall. This bush has white flowers that are shaped like a bell. This blueberry bush does produce blueberries that are perfectly editable. The berries are sweet and range in color from dark blue to black. This bush goes well in areas that have been devastated by a fire. This type of bush likes to grow in fields where it has plenty of room to spread out. In Canada, the low blueberry bush is grown on farms, and the berries are harvested. Each year at least 67 millions pounds of berries from this bush are harvested and sold for commercial use.

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Seedless Red Raspberry
The Seedless Red Raspberry bush is native to North American and the northern parts of Europe. This plant produces red berries that are edible. The berries can be used for some things including jams and teas. The berries can also be used as a natural dye. TBerry For Zone 3 grow from three to six feet in height. They have horns used for protection from wild animals. The berries grow in clusters at the end of the branches from May until the month of July. This type of bush is found in the wild. Many people plant them in their gardens for the color and use of the berries. Many people enjoy this berry since they do not have to worry about seeds when they are eating it,

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