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Deals On Bulk Plants Below Cost - Clearance Plants

We dug too many of a few plants to fill our fall orders and we are selling them below our cost. These are freshly dug grade A plants ready to ship to you. We ship these out fast and use priority mail. These plants are bareroot and do not come with a container. You will need to pot them or hill them in some potting soil and keep them watered until you set them out in a field or containerize them. You can sell them containerized for $24 each easily this spring. They are blooming aged and branched already.

Clearance Plants Below Our Cost On Many Of Our Plants Just To Move Out Quickly


Tn Nursery digs fresh stock for each order they sell and then it immediately ships out. We take great pride in selling excellent quality plants to our customers. Sometimes, we dig too many plants and end up with having to replant them or selling them below our cost to try and recoup a small fraction of our cost. This is made available on 12-21-20 to our customers. You can't buy a few, you have to buy the entire lot but it's at a below wholesale cost. Most of our packages we will ship free to you just for you taking them off our hands.

We will only have most of the time 1 package or 2 at the most are available and we do not do any holds on these packages. So, if you place an order and put "check" as the form of payment, we will sell these to the first person who pays for the plants. Mailing a check takes 3-4 days before it arrives plus it must clear our bank so chances are when you purchase one of these "fresh dug deals" you will probably not be able to get it if you dont check out fast and use a credit card.


Transit time on clearance plants is 2-3 days so you get them fast