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Beige Trillium - Trillium Erectum Hardy Planting Zones - 3-7 Sun or Shade - Partial and Full Shade Mature Height - 24" Mature Width - 20" Bloom Season - Spring (April to June) Gardener Status - Beginner
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  Beige Trillium 

Beige Trillium was used by the early Native Americans.  The plant is edible, and the young leaves on the plant are lovely when added to salads.  This plant has also been created into an antiseptic and diuretic.  The roots are boiled and used to diarrhea and when roots are smashed can also relieve swelling and aching joints when applied as an ointment. Bright and elegant, the beige Trillium is a plant that makes a subtle, beautiful addition to a garden. Boasting three beige petals with a yellow center, this flower blooms between April and June. The rich beige color can help neutralize any flowerbed while standing out on its own, allowing for beauty in a variety of ways. If raised for long enough, the plant’s rhizomes will begin to multiply, transforming them into clumps. The flower also has three blooming characteristics including upright, nodding, or drooping. Though they take some time to grow from the initial planting, the process is natural and produces gorgeous results. They require little care and do not require fertilizer, making the process simple and intuitive.The flexible nature of the flower’s color scheme and size make it easy to include in a variety of arrangements, proving its worthiness as a versatile flower. Along with its gorgeous presentation, the flower also sports an enticing fragrance while in bloom. This also helps to attract deer, butterflies, birds, and squirrels. One of the most exciting parts of the plant is its essential history of being used in native tribes throughout North America. The beige Trillium is a worthy addition to any garden and will enhance the arrangement in any situation!



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