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Baskets Or Wetland Plants

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 03 , 2016

Friday, March 4

River Cane: From Landscaping to Basket Weaving

You've probably enjoyed river cane in landscaping before, whether you knew what it was or not. It's very attractive, the way it shivers in the wind and bends to the breeze. That same plant has a historic tradition among Native Americans for use in arts and crafts. 

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In the eastern woodlands, it's used for creating flutes. Talented weavers from southeastern tribes like the Cherokee create baskets with it. 

One of the most beautiful is the "noon day sun" pattern. Growing from many fingered underground rhizomes, river cane spreads easily and can go many years without producing seeds. Learn more about Arundinaria Gigantea our plant nursery.

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