NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Roses are undoubtedly every gardener’s favorite and a garden is incomplete without these exquisite flowers.

Roses are very diverse flowers with more than 100 varieties.

They come in different color, sizes, and forms. Rose is a perennial plant and belongs to Rosaceae family. Roses come in different forms like shrubs, miniatures, and climbers. You can choose different varieties depending on your garden design. If you are planning to grow roses in your garden, it will be helpful to know the different types so that you can choose accordingly-

Hybrid Teas

- Hybrid Tea is large flowered bush roses that are most popular throughout the world. They come in many appealing colors and usually last for the entire season. They have a pleasant fragrance and are commonly used for decoration purposes. Hybrid Teas are sold in flower shops because of their aesthetic beauty.

Rose Climbers-

Climbers are great for windows, fences or balconies. The can be planted near walls, and the support helps them to grow and reach heights. They look very beautiful and also provide privacy. Climbers can also be planted near big trees, and the support will help them climb the tree trunk and branches.

Shrub Roses

- Many hybrid varieties roses fall in this category of shrub roses. These roses are best to be grown as hedges, and they require minimum supervision. They can thrive in almost any climate and are a good option for people who are planting roses for the first time.


Floribundas have cluster flowers and are quite similar to Hybrid Teas. They require regular pruning, and the size of flowers is smaller to hybrid teas. Floribundas are good for flower beds and pots.

Ground Cover Roses-

As the name suggests, ground cover roses do not grow very tall. They grow to become dense and cover the ground with beautiful flowers. You might require tying them with wire securely to the ground so that they grow in the desired area.

You can choose from the many varieties available in nurseries to plant them in your garden. Roses are undeniably the most exquisite flowers, and everyone loves them because of their fragrance and beauty.

Source of Information on the Variety of Roses