NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

A beautiful garden is something that every homeowner wants and to have a beautiful garden you have to ensure that the plants are healthy.

Unhealthy or diseased plants can ruin the garden and can spread diseases to other plants in the surrounding area. To avoid this from happening it is crucial to know about the common plant diseases so that you can identify them on time and take necessary steps accordingly—

Tomato and Apple Blights:

To prevent tomatoes and apple blight from affecting the plant you can use copper or sulfur sprays which help the plant fight against fungal disease & stop it from further growth of fungus. In this disease, the leaves of the plant turn yellow and expose the fruit to sunscald.

General Fungal Diseases:

To prevent your plants from general fungal infections, you can consider corn and garlic spray. You can prepare at home by taking a handful of corn and outer leaves of garlic, mix them in a blender. After waiting for an hour or two just strain it and use the liquid as a spray. It helps a lot in preventing fungal disease.

Bacterial and Fungal Diseases:

To protect your plants against bacterial and fungal diseases, you may consider using Hydrogen Peroxide with an undiluted 3% solution. This spray can be purchased from the market and is recommended to be used in plants that are established not in younger ones. Try testing it first in a portion of plant tissue if it works without any reaction; you can use it as a direct treatment. Hydrogen Peroxide is a preventative measure of bacterial and fungal diseases.

Virus Prevention:

Protecting your plants against virus infections can help in achieving proper growth. To fight against the virus, it is recommended to use antitranspirant to prevent bacterial and viral infestations in plants. You can prepare this spray by mixing 8 ounces of skimmed milk, 1-gallon water and ½ teaspoon antitranspirants like Wiltpruf or Cloudcover. Skimmed milk helps plants to cope with calcium deficiency, and the spray would prevent bacterial diseases before it occurs.

These are a few measures that can be taken to keep your plants healthy and protect them from devastating effects of bacterial & fungal diseases. You can also refer to many other options available in the market for prevention of diseases. These measures have been tested and can be used for prevention of plant disease. It is recommended to test a small portion of the plant you are about to work on and then use it as a direct measure. It is also advisable to buy best quality plants that are disease resistant to ensure a healthy and thriving garden.

Source of Information on Basic Plant Diseases