NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Bare Root Plants Are Affordable and ships within 5 days

Bare Root Plants and Trees are the ones that are not actively growing and are in dormant state. They are dug out of ground to put into dormancy and when they are planted again they adapt to the new soil conditions easily without going into a shock.Our Plant Nursery sells quality bare root plants.

Bare Root Plants are Perfect For Your Gardens and landscape needs.

There are many plants, fruit trees and shrubs that are planted using this technique. Some of the advantages of planting bare roots are that they are cheaper and weigh less than the other plants. This makes them ideal for long distance shipping. One of things that many people do not realize is that planting bare root is a lot easier. Once you plant in the ground and provide moisture, the bare root plant will start growing again. Planting dormant plants save it from going into a possible shock that occurs while planting in different soil conditions. Plants generally take time to adapt and react to the surroundings and by planting bare roots you can make it easier for them.

Some of the common plants available bare root are roses, english ivy, strawberries, raspberries, ornamental shrubs, etc. It is really important to choose the right kind of plants for your garden. If you do not have experience in handling bare roots then you will probably not be able to tell whether a particular plant is good for your home garden or not. However, there are a few key things that can kept in mind while choosing a bare root plants:

- When you lift the plant, the roots and rhizomes should feel heavier than the rest of the plant. This can help in determining that there is moisture in the roots and they have not died. If the roots are light and dried out then the plant will probably never grow.

- There should not be any signs of any diseases, molds or mildew on the plants. Unhealthy plants do not grow properly and die eventually.

- Buy plants that do not show signs of any damage. Don’t go in for plants with broken branches and twigs.

These are some of the things to consider if you are planning to buy bare root stock for your home garden.

Savings on bare root plants when you buy a large quantity

Buying bare root trees, plants and nursery stock saves time and money. Buying "Bare Root" is the same as buying containerized except you are not paying triple price for a container and soil. Most tree nurseries buy plants bare root and containerize them, which saves over 500%. When you buy the plants bare root, you are the one who is saving not the retailer.

When you buy bare root plants from a tree nursery, bare root flowering trees and shrubs you get the wholesale grower prices you deserve. Our tree nurseries are state certified and offer speciman quality plants and trees.

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