NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

You can easily find bare rootstock in many nurseries. They are comparatively less expensive than the Balled and Burlapped or container grew plants.

If planted correctly, they can thrive well in the garden. Before purchasing bare-root plants for your garden, it is essential to know about them so that you can achieve success in growing them.

Bare root plants are the ones that are sold without any soil around the roots. These plants are dug out from the soil and put into the dormant stage.

They are refrigerated until sold. Bare root plants are dormant, which means that they are not actively growing when in storage. You can easily plant them in the garden, and the moisture in the soil will trigger the plant's growth.

It is advisable to plant the bare root stock as soon as possible because it increases their chance of survival. Once planted in the soil, provide them enough moisture so that they multiply and establish themselves. Bare root plants can be fruit trees, perennials, shrubs, or ornamental trees. You can buy bare-root plants of your choice and try growing them in your garden.

For a higher success rate with bare-root plants, it is essential to choose healthy and best-quality stock. It could be a little confusing for a beginner to identify healthy plants as most of them have the same appearance. However, some key things can help you choose the best quality plants with more chances of survival. The bare-root plants should not have any infection or growth of mold on them. Diseased plants are more likely to die. The branches and stems of the plant should not be damaged or broken. The roots of the bare root plant should be heavy when you live the plant up. More massive roots indicate that there is moisture retained in them. Dried and light roots mean that the plant does not have moisture, and it might not grow at all.

If you purchase good-quality bare-root plants, you certainly would not be disappointed. The plant will eventually grow and make you feel good. You can find many varieties of bare root stock in local nurseries. It is advisable to purchase bare-root plants from a wholesale nursery to provide competitive prices on bulk orders. You can find bare-root plants at wholesale prices from a reputable online plant nursery.

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