NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Sunday, April 3

Flowering trees and shrubs can decorate your garden during the season, and provide a majestic look during the rest of the year.

A reputed wholesale nursery company, online plant nursery is the best place to buy dormant bare-rooted stock for your garden.

The best time to buy may be early spring when the prices are usually lower, and the stock has lighter weight and roots that have not been placed in containers.

You can buy plants online conveniently, and your tree can be planted before the leaf buds start sprouting. A few types of flowering trees such as magnolias may not be fit for bare root handling.

Flowering crabapples are an excellent option if you are looking for small or mid-sized trees for your garden. Some dwarf varieties in crabapples may be as short as six feet, while some taller varieties may be as high as 40 feet. The color of flowers is usually clear pink. This tree is ideal for lawns, and they can tolerate summer watering quite well. It is a hardy tree with a long life, and it blooms best in areas that have a slight winter chill.

Flowering cherries is another good option if you are looking for a tree in range of 20 to 30 feet height. The flowers in spring season come in pink and white colors. The roots of this tree do not require much watering. Make sure the garden has a good drainage otherwise the roots may start rotting. Extensive pruning should also be avoided, and the best way to shape this tree is by removing smaller branches. If you are looking for a small tree, you may consider Redbud that produces magenta-pink flowers in spring. Leaves of Redbud have a rich fall color and are finely heart-shaped. The tree thrives in a lighter shade, or even under sunny conditions.

Flowering dogwood is a delicate tree for your garden, which produces white and pink flowers. Leaves of this tree are oval-shaped, with a reddish fall color and conspicuous veining. The tree thrives in light shade and requires regular watering. Autumn olive is another exquisite choice for a bare root flowering tree that you can obtain easily from a reputed wholesale nursery company, flowering trees. It is a woody shrub, which may grow up to 20 feet tall, and produces yellowish flowers that emerge in spring and red berries in the early fall season.

Blue hydrangea can be an exotic choice for a flowering tree to embellish your garden. Its blue flowers are a huge attraction for many gardeners. However, not all hydrangeas produce blue flowers, so the buyer should be aware of the variety he or she is buying. Varieties such as Oakleaf hydrangeas and Annabelle hydrangeas produce cream or white flowers. With this tree, the pH level of the soil influences the color of its flowers. Hydrangea cultivars have a unique property to change the color of their flowers depending on the acidity of the soil. If the soil has a high acidic content, the flowers are bluer. If the soil has a higher alkaline content, the flowers are pink in color. Check out a good wholesale nursery company, online plant nursery to select some superb varieties of at competitive prices.

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