Autumn Blaze Maple

Autumn Blaze Maple

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Latin Name- Acer Rubrum Hardy Planting Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 40-50 ft Width- 15-25 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade


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Autumn Blaze Maple  


Autumn Blaze Maple is a gorgeous tree as it grows to become mature.  This tree is beautiful all year and looks fantastic in the spring and summer as it is covered with beautiful green leaves.  During the fall months, the leaves change to red, yellow and orange and supply lots of beautiful colors as other plants and trees begin to die out for the season.  It is straightforward to grow as this tree can adapt to all different types of soils and can grow almost anywhere it is planted. These trees are fantastic to bring small wildlife to an area.  They attract those playful squirrels that love to run along the long branches and also bring in a variety of birds that are a lot of fun to watch.  This tree blooms typically during the spring months and also is great to add a lot of needed curb appeal to all lawns.  It is very popular among landscapers as this tree is solid and durable and can withstand lots of harsh weather conditions.  It is a beautiful choice, and they are shipped to the customer in the bare root form.  These trees are elementary to plant and to get established in the soils. The Autumn Blaze Maple is a fast-growing, large tree. This tree is known for the beautiful display of color in fall, with its leaves turning a gorgeous bright red color. This hardy tree grows four times faster than other maple species, making it one of the most favored of the Maple family. The Autumn Blaze Maple is extremely popular in the United States as well as Australia and New Zealand. Not only does this tree boast beautiful color in fall, but the gorgeous red appears as new growth emerges when it begins to bud. Autumn Blaze Maple




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