​Attracting Wildlife

​Attracting Wildlife

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 04 , 2014

There are a lot of ideas that a gardener or homeowner can use to bring beautiful wildlife into a garden or natural area. These ideas can also work if just used on a lawn in a set location or around a home.

There is a wide variety of flowering perennials that can be used in gardens and natural areas that are certain to bring wildlife to a garden. 

Flowers are great to attract beautiful hummingbirds and also gorgeous fluttering butterflies, and they will also attract bumble bees. There is also a great selection of vines which can be trained against lattice or a trellis. Some vines will produce beautiful flowers, and they are great to attract hummingbirds, especially if they can be brightly colored. Hummingbirds will love flowers that are bright red and can be drawn to them when they are in bloom. Halls Honeysuckle flowers attract hummingbirds and bees to any garden.

There can be many ways to bring beautiful birds to a garden and natural area. Poles can be placed throughout the garden, and then beautiful birdhouses can be added to them. They will also be drawn then bird feeders can be scattered throughout a garden. It is a good idea to place a bird bath in a garden area, and the birds will come and drink water and take a bath. This is a great idea for a bird watcher, and a homeowner will love watching the birds play in the garden. Birds will get used to coming to a certain area in a garden and will depend on the feeders being full so that they can feast and enjoy the seeds. Hummingbirds will also grow each year, and hummingbird feeders can be added to a pole with very little trouble.

The plants that attract birds and other wildlife are available from online plant nurseries. They will offer all the information as to which perennials and vines will attract these lovely birds and other wildlife.

Trumpet Vines are like a hummingbird magnet.

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