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Asian Gardening

Asian Gardening

Posted by Tammy Sons on Aug 30 , 2012

If you have visited any part of Asia and came to be inspired by the lush greenery of resident gardens then it is possible to replicate Asian gardens in your very own home.

It depends on what type of Asian garden you want to portray, but typical Asian gardens would include fountains, blossoms and lots of color. In Asian countries, it is more than just simply garden, but a way of living to promote a Zen atmosphere and an easy way of living.

Asian gardens can be as complicated or simple as the gardener pleases.

Places like China and Japan prefer a more rustic and natural way of gardening, harkening far back into Buddhist history. All atmospheres inside and outside needed to have a simplistic and natural quality that blends harmoniously with nature. Asian gardens should reflect the natural elements of the earth: fire, water and dirt.

Sand, gravel and stone walkways are great themes in Asian gardens. When it comes to replicating fire, place some outside candles or a miniature fire pit around the garden for a more natural feel. This will become especially useful during the colder seasons and will provide warmth for barbecues and family gatherings.

For color, try weeping willows and cherry blossoms which are trees that are found in Japan. You can grow any plant you want, but to pull off an Asian garden, a multitude of color is important. Add a fountain in order to add a soothing effect to your Asian garden. A fountain will attract all kinds of birds to swim in, but be sure to keep the area free of mosquitoes. Add bells and chimes on your porch or your garden to add soft and peaceful music as the wind blows. You may already have what you need to pull off an Asian garden. If you want go further, check your local nursery to see what other things you can buy to pull off an Asian garden.

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