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Arrowleaf Ginger Plant

Arrowleaf Ginger Plant

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 02 , 2016

Arrowleaf Ginger Plant

Arrowleaf Ginger Plant – Hexastylis arifolia

The Arrowleaf Ginger Plant is a perennial that loves wetland areas, also known as Little Brown Jug, is an evergreen ground cover plant. It is a perennial with pointed heart-shaped green leaves. It blooms late spring into early summer with small brown and purple-hued flowers, making it a pretty addition to a shade garden all year round.

This woodland species is native to the Eastern United States. It is commonly found in forests in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. It will thrive in climate zones 4 through 8. This species of ginger seems to do best in a more acidic soil that is moist. It will mature to a height of 4 to 6 inches. The spread will be approximately 8 to 15 inches. However, the ginger family is said to be slower growing than some other ground cover species. The plant is deer resistant.

Caring for Arrowleaf Ginger

The Arrowleaf Ginger Plant is well suited to tree-lined property edges and full or partially shaded gardens. It requires very little maintenance. You will need to be somewhat careful when raking or weeding around the plants so as not to pull them up and out of the ground. This is especially true for new plantings.

You can purchase this variety in seed form or as potted seedlings. It is best to plant in bare root form with at least a 1 inch cover of a loamy soil. A little patience may be required for this perennial to mature. It will be worth the wait.

The Arrowleaf Ginger Plant will be a nice addition to your landscape. The heart-shaped, pointed leaves are a marbled green. The small jug-shaped flowers are deep purple to brown. A perennial is a plant that keeps on giving. It should produce colorful blooms year after year.

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