Arrow-leaf Ginger

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Arrow Leaf Ginger-Asarum arifolium Hardy Planting Zones- 2-9 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 6-8" Mature Width- 6-15" Bloom Season – Spring and Summer Gardener Status- Beginner
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Little Brown Jug, Arrowleaf Ginger - Hexastylis arifolia 

Little Brown Jug is a lovely plant for all garden and natural areas. The leaves on this plant are unique as it grows and they are a beautiful green in color. This plant makes and creates an outstanding ground cover for areas as this plant can also spread a couple of inches as it grows. It can also be referred to as Arrowleaf Ginger. It is fantastic and supplies beautiful color and a very natural look and feel to all areas where it is added. These smaller plants are loved by gardeners and homeowners as they do not take a lot of room to grow them. They are gorgeous when several of these plants are used together and supplies a gorgeous green foundation for taller plants to grow. These are available from this fantastic online plant nursery in small or large quantities. When they are chosen by the customer, they are carefully packaged and shipped to the customer in top grade a condition. They arrive with care and are ready to plant as soon as they are received. This nursery also offers the best prices anywhere for this plant. These make outstanding plants for all gardens and natural areas and look amazing as they mature.



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