Arrow Wood Viburnum Live Stakes

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Arrow wood Viburnum Live Stakes

The arrowwood viburnum is a beautifully simple shrub that displays an attractive arrangement of colors. The shrub grows 5-9 feet in height with a symmetrical width of the same amount. It has dense dark green simple leaves that can be shiny or matt in appearance. The base of each leaf forms the shallow shape of a heart. During the fall the leaves turn to a bright yellow, red, or a red-purple color depending on the plant. The shrub's grey bark is rarely visible through the dense foliage. The small cream-white flowers grow in flattened clusters that are roughly three inches in diameter. However, the most prevalent feature of this shrub is the rich blue-black berries that also grow in clusters. 

The arrowwood viburnum is primarily used as a decorative plant to help attract birds. Because birds love the fruit so much, it has become valuable to avid bird lovers. Though the shrub is primarily used to attract birds, it is also humbly used as a neutral lawn ornament. Because of the plant's unabrasive attractiveness, it also has value as a privacy divider. (In fact, these simple shrubs pair well with the Natchez crepe myrtles when used together as a privacy divider.) - {may be omitted - thought the plants would make a great pair and that the sentence would be a nice addition.} 

For planting, it is best to establish the shrub in direct or partial sunlight. The arrowwood viburnum can flourish in dry to medium wet soil and is easy to grow. This type shrub is free from any serious problems and only needs the occasional rejuvenating pruning to manage the upkeep. The plant is also easily transplanted without much issue. The arrowwood viburnum's versatility in landscaping has made it a favorite among those who seek to utilize it.

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