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Aquatic Plants
Aquatic plants are often beautiful and interesting. Cattails, also called the bul rush plant, will grow where there is a lot of moisture, and they will become anywhere from 1.5 to 3 feet tall. They can grow very fast and are unique in their flowers, which look very much like sausages. Actually, these sausage-like heads on the cattails are a collection of very small brown flowers. They have been given a huge variety of nicknames because of their distinctive appearance. Bul rush plants stand erect and are usually found in marshy areas. 
The water lily is one of the most beautiful aquatic plants you can find. It is a hardy plant. It has a long stalk that is rooted in the mud to support round and flat leaves. The leaves float on the surface of the water, as do the flowers. The flowers are large and can be of many different colors. These grace many ponds with their lovely petals. The water lily also bears small fruits. It is a perennial that grows rapidly and can be found in many different varieties all across the world. 
Duck weed plants are some of the smallest flowering plants in the world. They can soon cover the surface of water and are made up of very small green leaves. Most of the time, they reproduce asexually with buds that grow new stems. Ducks often feed on these tiny plants, hence the name duck weed. They can be anywhere from a sixteenth of an inch in length to a quarter of an inch in length, and they grow and expand their presence in lakes very quickly. 
Each of these lovely, unique aquatic plants will make a beautiful addition to a water garden. They are easy to grow and multiply, and you are sure to enjoy them.