Aquarium Wood 12-14"

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Aquarium Wood 12-14"

Aquarium wood 12-14" is a fantastic way to decorate a gorgeous aquarium and bring it to life. This beautiful wood is excellent when added to large or small aquariums and also provides a great place for aquatic life to hide and seek protection. It also is great because it will supply a pleasant and natural feel and look to an area and makes fish feel like they are right at home. It looks fantastic when small plants are added, and these pieces of wood are unique. They all differ in size and also in length, there are no two exactly alike. They are beautiful and also come in different colors. They are harvested from rivers, lakes, and ponds and arrive ready to be used in all types of aquariums. They can be purchased from online plant nurseries and shipped directly to the customer. They bring an aquarium to life and look amazing. Sizes may vary.

Driftwood Looks Great In Aquariums
Driftwood, which is most times the remains of trees, is often considered unwelcome trash when washed up onto a beach or shore by tides, high winds, or waves. However, it is a “treasure find” for avid hobbyists who love to make a wide variety of projects from this “marine debris.” Drift lumber refers to the remains of man-made wooden objects, lost cargo, buildings swept away in storms, shipwrecked wooden boats and ships, and logging. 

Driftwood in Aquariums 

Driftwood actually becomes a blessing when put properly into aquariums. Its gnarled and twisted branches make good hiding places and secure shelters for the fish, provides breeding territories, helps boost the immune system of the fish, can provide food containing needed nutrients, battles alkaline tap water and helps to buffer and maintain a lower pH in the aquarium, and keeps the driftwood from leaking tannins which discolor the water. The wood is also a popular part of a fish tank's scenery because it more closely resembles the natural environments that the fish are used to. 

More importantly, driftwood maintains and stimulates the ecosystem in the aquarium by promoting the growth of bacteria. These bacteria are beneficial by breaking down fish by-products into less toxic compounds, which means the fish will be healthy. 

Wood, stones, and rocks add character to an aquarium. The correct wood type is also imperative for a healthy aquarium. There are many varied types, shapes, and colors of driftwood that can be used in an aquarium, but it needs to be cleaned, cured, and submersible. 

Cleaning Driftwood 

It is simple to clean driftwood because you do not use soap or cleaning products. You simply use a clean soft brush and rub it gently over the branches under a faucet to dislodge dust, dirt, and other loose particles and help to make the wood aquarium safe.

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