Fruiting Apples - 3-4 feet

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The Benefits of Apple Trees

Fruiting apple trees have many health benefits and are one of the most impressive types that one can have. Apples themselves have many health benefits for those who consume them, and they are one of the most popular fruits to eat throughout much of the world. Apple trees are especially conducive to most Northern hemisphere environments. Their ability to withstand cold and wet weather conditions is part of the reason why they are so popular in states like Washington and Oregon. Whereas some other species of fruit-bearing trees tend to wither and die in cold temperatures, apple trees stand firm even in partially snowy climates at times.
Most people are aware that plants are good for the air around us. This is because most plants suck up the CO2 that is emitted by nearly everything we do, and converted into oxygen. Having such a large facility as an apple tree will yield a lot of fresh air, making the surrounding environment healthier and more pleasant to be in. Another thing that fruiting trees, and especially abundant species like apple trees, are suitable for is how they absorb extra water that collects during stormy weather. Drainage can be a real problem for some areas, which is flooding occurs. When the ground fails to consume an adequate amount of water, the excess water will sit around and cause damage to the area, or it will run into the nearest body of water and cause that to overflow. An apple tree will absorb much of the water, as trees will always capitalize on excess H2o when it is available. Of course, the most significant benefit of having an apple tree is how low maintenance they are. For people who don't want to work too hard, but still want to be able to enjoy fresh fruit a few times a year, an apple tree is an answer.