Appalachian Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex Appalachlica Hardy Zone- 3-7 Mature Height-1ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Appalachian Sedge 

Appalachian sedge is not just pretty to look at but also a hardy grower.  When you are getting ready for a new landscaping project you want to choose plants that are adaptable and easy to manage. Take for example the Carex Appalachia 4 year bare-root which is a sedge that is most commonly grown in the eastern parts of North America. If you cannot find these at your local nursery you will have a lot of luck at TN Nursery. We have a full stock of sedges at all times so you can get what you need when you want. If you are thinking about this sedge as your perfect sedge make sure you live in the perfect growing zone. The soil needs to be incredibly well-drained for you to see some significant growth. Of course this plant can grow in other soil types due to the fact that this sedge can adapt incredibly easily. Most plants may not be as tolerant of areas that are currently experiencing a drought. This sedge however will actually do quite well within this particular setting. This sedge looks great when grown along walk ways or paths that you might have in your yard or on your land. If you are worried about the transplanting process make sure you let us handle everything and give you the best information you can find. Choose Native Grass to enjoy around your home and in your water gardens These plants will be beautiful around your pond or lawn.  They will give your area a natural look. Native Grass will add beauty to your lawn or ponds. These plants will add that special touch to your lawn or pond.  These plants will also grow well on your lawn and will help with soil erosion. 



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