American Beech Seedlings

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Latin Name- Fagus Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 66-115 ft Width- 25-40 Sun or Shade- Full Sun to Partial Shade

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American Beech Seedlings - Fagus Grandifolia

American Beech seedlings also commonly called the Fagus Grandifolia or the Latin name. American Beech Seedlings can take growth up to twenty-four inches per year. American Beech Seedlings leaves, or foliage can range from green to dark green in the spring and summer with bronze or yellow in the fall. American Beech Seedlings foliage is oval-shaped, and this tree is used for its shade and as an ornamental tree. The American beech seedlings are an ornamental shade tree that botanically known as Fagus grandifolia and the common name for this beech tree. The American Beech Seedlings is an excellent shade tree having long branches with dark green leaves that have a unique pattern. American Beech Seedlings leaves have toothed margins, and the blade has parallel veins. American Beech Seedlings will turn yellow and orange in stately beauty in the fall before dropping from the branches. This is a tree that has a smooth blue-gray thick bark, and the tree has a natural resistance to pests and disease. It is a tree that has a long life making it an excellent landscaping tree for shade in yards and public locations. The tree gets nuts called beech nuts that are attractive to squirrels, deer, raccoons, woodpeckers, blue jays, pigeons and other wildlife. The American beach seedlings as mature trees have been used in building houses and used for making plywood. It is used in some other applications like beer making or smoking cheese. The tar from the tree has been used to help with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Unique use of beech trees is that they were used to write on and became some of the first books earning it the name the Tree of Learning. American Beech Seedlings grow 50–70' feet tall.

American Beech Seedlings

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