NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Algae is stubborn and can take over a pond or area very quickly. Algae will also form on the inside of windows of a greenhouse during the winter months of the year.

You can rapidly remove it by cutting back vines and other plants that will not allow the light to shine in. You can also clean it off of the windows by using water and dish detergent. Algae will grow on steps and walkways and sometimes on areas in a driveway where the sun does not shine on much. It can become very dangerous because it can be very slick and may cause someone to fall. It is a good idea to pressure wash these areas and make sure that they dry off entirely so that the algae does not grow right back. It can also grow in a swimming pool or water garden. Chemicals need to be added to water to reduce algae from growing. Moss will too grow on rocks and even other cool and damp areas on the lawn or in a natural area. The moss will give a natural area a very natural look as it grows.

As long as the areas stay cool and damp, the moss will continue to grow.

Moss does not do very well when exposed to full sunlight for several hours at a time. Moss will also grow on boundary walls and stone garden sculptures if not careful.

These may need to be washed off and cleaned to remove the moss and algae from growing on them. You can control Algae as long as it stays on top of a gardener or homeowner. It will be effortless to do. It will sometimes keep a homeowner busy and depend on how much sunlight the areas will receive. If the areas are kept dry, the algae will be a slow grower. Homeowners may want to allow the moss to grow to bring a very natural look and feel to the garden or natural area where it is growing.

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