Alba White Oak

Alba White Oak

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November 1st Through April 15th

Sun & Shade

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Alba White Oak

The Iconic Alba White Oak Tree

The Alba White Oak tree is an iconic tree considered by many as "the king of kings" when it comes to its presence and history. Its grand reputation has granted it to be the official state tree of Maryland, Illinois, and Connecticut. The Alba White Oak tree is large and makes for the perfect shade tree and a great addition to any property.

The Alba White Oak tree primarily grows in eastern and central North America and can be found as far north as northern Quebec to as south as northern Florida and east Texas. The Hardy Planting Zone specifically categorizes the Alba White Oak tree to zones 3-9 making it a commonly seen and well-growing tree, some specimens have been found to be over 450 years old.

At full maturity, the Alba White Oak tree can grow between 50-80 feet with a spread of 50-80 feet as well. The Alba White Oak tree grows best in slightly acidic to neutral, deep, moist, well-drained soil. The Alba White Oak tree can slightly adapt to some other soil compositions but is intolerant of alkaline, shallow, or abused soils. The Alba White Oak can survive through a mild drought or wet soil as well making it a versatile tree.

Some of its essential characteristics include alternating leaves that are 4–8 inches long with 3–4 rounded lobes on all sides. The Alba White Oak tree tends to grow in a round or oval shape, it has solid branches and develops a deep taproot. The Alba White Oak tree looks beautiful during the fall with its leaves changing colors from a vibrant green to a deep burgundy and red.

The Alba White Oak tree grows at a slow to medium speed and can grow up to 24 inches every year; it grows best when in the presence of both full sunlight and partial shade throughout the day. The Alba White Oak tree is truly an iconic sight making any property more standout with its presence.