Ajuga Reptans- 2 Plants For $5

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- Ajuga - Ajuga reptans Hardy Planting Zones- 4-10 Sun or Shade – Shade, Sun Mature Height - Under 6" Mature Width- 6-18" Bloom Season – Spring, Summer Gardener Status- Beginner (Low Maintenance)
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Ajuga Reptans Bugleweed

Ajuga Reptans vine has been used to help with hemorrhages and also other problems such as coughing up blood.  This plant is not used a lot now but was in the older days.  It also has a substance that is similar to Digitalis that could help with heart problems.  The plant is usually used as an ointment or oil because it is very bitter in taste. Ajuga Vine is also known as Bugleweed. When planting these, make sure they are spaced between six and eighteen inches apart to allow for growth. This plant grows at a moderate speed and will begin to bloom during the spring, and these flowers will last well into the summery and tend to enjoy drier soil compositions to grow in summer months of the year.  The flowers on this plant can vary from shades of blue and purple to even pink and white in some specimens.  The compact form of these plants will create an extremely attractive groundcover.  The leaves frequently create a woven appearance along the ground, especially when several of these are placed firmly together.  This will be beautiful in any garden because of the variety of colors it will bring as well as the unique appearance of the leaves paired with the striking colors of the flowers.The Ajuga Reptans, also know as the standard bugle or bugleweed, is a low-growing plant that quickly spreads to produce an excellent ground cover. It is an herbaceous perennial that is native to Europe, Northern Africa, and Southwestern Asia. The Ajuga Reptans is very low maintenance and only requires medium water and full sun to part shade. They should be spaced approximately six to nine inches apart for a proper ground covering that's dense enough to discourage the growth of unwanted weeds. It blooms beautiful blue flowers during the months of May and June creating a spectacular and effortless display.


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