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Shrub Package Deals

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Affordable shrubs for sale from Tn Nursery is an affordable way to get more that one variety for your Landscaping

Are you looking for affordable shrubs to add interest and perfume to your landscape? Do you want to buy a few shrubs but don’t want to have to buy multiple of the same variety in order to get a great deal? If you answered ‘yes’ then look no further than our shrub sale ‘package deals’.

Each package contains several different but complementary shrub varieties. These exclusive deals start at $29.99 for two 4-5 foot hibiscus shrubs or #39.99 for three 3-4 foot flowering shrubs.

Shrub Package Deals are made to suit a variety of color palettes

Whether you’re going with a monochrome color scheme or a vibrant, multicolored color palette, we’ve got a shrub package on sale to suit. For instance, our viburnum shrub package is perfect if you need shrubs for an all-white color scheme. On the other hand, if you want a mix of really bright, vibrant shrubs then our vibrant shrubs packageis the one for you.

We have seven shrub packages on sale at the moment so check them all out and see for yourself just how affordable our shrubs can be.

Shrub Package Deals have hardy shrubs for all US states

We pride ourselves on being able to produce beautiful shrubs that are hardy in all the USDA hardiness zones the US states are categorized as. When you place an order for one of the shrub packages we have on sale, tell us what zone you garden in (or give us your landscape’s zip code) and we’ll select robust plants grown from seed stock (or cuttings etc.) sourced from the same hardiness zone so we all know your new plants will already be adapted to your climate.

Pro tip:

Soak your new shrubs in a dilute seaweed solution for at least half an hour before you transplant them into their forever home. This will help reduce any transplant shock and will help them settle in more quickly.

So if you want affordable shrubs, the shrub packages we have on sale consist of beautiful flowering plants that look good and grow well in any US state. Buy your new favorite flowering shrubs now for as little as $29.99 for two shrubs.

A wide Variety of Affordable Shrubs are For Sale from TN Nursery with Low Rates and Quick Shipping