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Habitat Restoration Plants

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Affordable habitat restoration plants

There’s been a big move in recent years to try to restore damaged habitats and ecosystems. As part of that movement, there’s been a lot of research into the kinds of plants that work well for habitat restoration. Within our vast range of habitat restoration plants, you’ll find a wide variety of plants that can be used to significant effect to restore many different kinds of habitats.

We source our propagation stock from across the US, so we can grow plants that are adapted to each USDA hardiness zone that’s represented in the US. That means, no matter where you’re located in the US, we’ve got habitat restoration plants that will suit your zone.

We stock the following types of ecological habitat restoration plants:

And if you’re interested in developing a rain garden to filter water runoff within your landscape, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect species within our wetland mitigation, native wetland, aquatic, pond, and native plant categories.

Wetland mitigation plants

Wetlands can be incredibly fragile ecosystems. They’re also susceptible to some of the worst invasive plant species. Our selection of wetland mitigation plants is both hardy and well suited to wetlands in every US zone. They’re also great for wet and boggy spots in home gardens.

Native wetland plants
When you’re restoring a wetland, it’s important to restock the ecosystem with native wetland plants. Native plants that are indigenous to the area are even better. We’re sure you’ll find some large native wetland plants to suit your restoration project within our vast selection of native wetland plants.

Home gardeners will also appreciate the versatility of our native wetland plants. If you have a boggy spot in your garden, these plants will likely be pleased there. And if you’re building a pond or other water feature, you’ll want some of these plants to help keep your aquatic environment healthy and low-maintenance.

Best-selling aquatic plants
If you’re not sure which aquatic plants to choose for your project, check out our best-selling aquatic plants. These are the most popular aquatic plants our customers want so when you buy plants in this category; you know you’ll be getting tried-and-tested favorites that will be up to the task you set for them.

Pond plants
Ponds and water features are so very popular in home gardens, so we wanted to put together a selection of plants that look great and bring lakes to life. We’ve got bog plants, emergent and marginal plants, deep marginals, floaters and oxygenators. In short, we’ve got every kind of pond plant that you need to create a healthy water ecosystem.

Native plants
Perhaps the most important part of habitat regeneration is to choose plant species that are native to the area. We’re sure you’ll find a great selection of native plants to suit your habitat restoration project in our online shop.

The grass is crucial to successful habitat restoration. In this section of our online shop, you’ll find a fantastic selection of herbs to suit the home garden and habitat restoration and ecological regeneration projections.

Live Stakes
Live stakes are handy for bioengineering (the process of arresting and preventing slope and stream-bank erosion and failure). They’re a cheap and effective means of stabilizing slopes, and so, of course, we’ve put together a selection of live stakes for every USDA hardiness zone in the US, from zone 3-11.

Rain gardens
Rain gardens are an excellent way to filter and slow rainwater and stormwater so it can be more easily absorbed into a landscape and so any water runoff is clean. All our habitat restoration plants can be used to develop beautiful rain gardens.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on plants that can help heal a damaged landscape, all our habitat regeneration plants are hardy and well suited to environmental regeneration projects. They’re great for home garden projects too! Buy yours today from just $0.89