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Moss For Sun

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Moss for Sun can be bought for any zone

Did you know that not all moss has to grow in moist, shady spots? It’s true. We have a broad range of mosses that are perfectly happy to grow in a full sun position in any US zone. And with a variety of textures available, chances are there’s a moss that will pair well with any other plants you’re choosing.

Moss for Sun is easy-to-grow moss for your full sun location

No matter which USDA hardiness you garden in, we have a couple of handfuls of gorgeous moss varieties that will tolerate and thrive in a full sun position in all the climates present throughout the US. Ever range we sell is easy to care for and easy to maintain. If you’re a little unsure about how to grow moss though, we offer a virtually fool-proof solution — our moss-covered rocks.

Moss for sun will thrive just about anywhere

These rocks are highly decorative with great coloring and so would enhance any landscape. The real genius of these rocks is, however, that they come covered in a rich variety of moss. This means you can plant them wherever you want and you won’t have to even think about how to help them establish themselves — this step is already done for you. Of course, this makes moss-covered rocks a perfect option for anyone new to growing moss. But it also makes it much easier for kids and those with developmental impairments to build their moss.

Pro tip:
Plant sun-loving moss between pavers to liven up a garden path. Or you can even use moss as a lawn alternative that doesn’t need to be mowed!

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on sun-loving moss, all our full-sun mosses look beautiful, feel beautiful and have a fair price. Buy yours today from just $4.99.